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  The following is reproduced in part because of continued interest in this sale which was completed in 2001.  Pictures cannot be shown because we no longer have the items to photograph.


Willis James Kidd was a close associate of Robert M. Shelton, Imperial Wizard of the United Klans of America.. In the provenance that accompanies this collection, his son writes: "I Stephen Willis Kidd of Swartz, Louisiana affirm that the collection of KKK exonumia . . . was owned by my father Willis James Kidd, who was a member of UKA. He held many offices and served in many capacities within the organization on the state and national level. He eventually gained notoriety as the Grand Dragon of the State of Louisiana from 1964 to 1973, and the Imperial Klaliff (national vice-president) from 1975 until the UKA was disbanded in the mid 1980’s. He appeared before Congress along with Imperial Wizard of the UKA Robert Shelton when they were called to report to the House Committee on Un-American Affairs . . . . " Kidd published the Fiery Cross, the official organ of the UKA. Ironically, according to the website of the Anti-Defamation League, "A grisly cartoon from the Fiery Cross . . . proved to be a key piece of evidence in the $7 million judgement rendered against the UKA." The UKA was put out of business by this judgment because it lost all of its property.

The provenance also states that Mr. Kidd was instrumental in publishing and distributing several medals; this is evidenced by the existence of rare die trials and a small hoard of the Shelton-head medals KK 304 and KK-308. W.J. Kidd died in 1996. He is mentioned in Patsy Sims’ book The Klan; she heard him speak at a rally in New Orleans when he was outgoing Grand Dragon of the Louisiana Klan.


A: $5-10     B: $10-25      C: $25-50      D: $50-75    E: $75-100     F: $100-200
 G: $200-400    H: $400-600     I: $600-800    J: $800-1,000

The W. J. Kidd Collection

1. Bid on the main collection (lots #2-77).  Bid must exceed the sum of all bids on other lots prior to bid reductions. Bids on this lot will not be reduced unless the underbid also exceeds the sum of all bids. Estimate: $5,000+


3. KK 201 SYMWAO MIAFA (eagle, burning cross)//NON SILBA SED ANTHAR MS-63 (D)

4. KK 203 ANTHOR ERROR al, small letters in rev motto, "R" in ANTHOR high (top of Y), not pictured in Birdsell MS-63 full bright rare (G)

5. KK 203 ANTHOR ERROR al, medium letters in rev motto, "R" in ANTHOR low (bottom of Y), pictured in Birdsell MS-63 50%   bright (D)

6. KK 203.3 ANTHOR ERROR cu EF-40 (D)

7. KK 203.5 ANTHAR al, small letters in rev motto, "R" in ANTHAR low and tilted (top lower than bottom) EF-40 (D)

8. KK-203.5 ANTHAR ni sm letters in rev motto, "R" low and tilted EF-45 (E)

9. KK-203 ANTHOR al, low "R" lot of 4 EF-AU, 4 pieces (G)

10. KK 203 AHTHAR, high "R", study group of 5, metal variations, one "large cross" (14mm), VF-EF, one holed; 5 pieces (G)

11. KK 204 (ag-br?) DUTY (symbol)/(cross) ONE COUNTRY ONE FLAG ONE LANGUAGE EF-40 (D-E)

12. KK 205 cu DUTY (symbol)//AKIA EF-40 (D)

13. KK 205.1 al MS-60 (D-E)

14. KK 205.1 cu AU-50 greenish mottled toning, actually attractive (E-F)

15. KK 207 HONOR (symbol) DUTY//motto, bible, flag F-12 uniform granular surfaces (likely dug and cleaned) (D)

16. KK 208 bz, shield & motto 1866//3 Ks in triangle AU-50 (D)

17. KK 209 SYMWA (symbol) 100//dove, Statue of Lib., scales F-12, wk as usual (D-E)

18. KK 210 ni alloy flying eagle SYMWAO/MIAFA//motto MS-65 full bright (C-D)

19. KK 210 cu MS-65 full red (C-D)

20. KK 211.1 br AU-50 tiny field mark (D-E)

21. KK 211.2 al die trial uniface MS-63 die polish, bright (D-E)

22. KK 214 ni alloy AU-50 small punch mark on rev at 3 o’clock (D-E)

23. KK 214.1 ni alloy E.W.J.S. AU-50 (D-E)

24. KK 214.5 (UNL) no E.W.J.S., "CONSTITUTION" between "O" and "U" of COUNTRY AU-50 (D-E)

25. KK 215 al mounted Klansman//anti-Pope quote MS-60 bright (F)

26. KK 216 ni KUDO KUNO (rose)//O.S.F.K. symbols AU-50 (F)

27. KK 217 hand holding fiery cross THE LIGHT OF CHRISTIANITY//bible REALM OF NEW JERSEY AU-50 holed in field for suspension (F-G)

28. KK 220 cu bust l of IMPERIAL WIZARD HIRAM W. EVANS AU-55 tiny spot R&B (F-G)

29. KK 220 bz EF-40 (F)

30. KK 220.1 obv die trial MS-60 bright (F)

31. KK 220.1 rev die trial MS-60 bright (F)

32. KK 221 br LIBERTY BELL//cross AKIA EF-40 light spots (F)

33. KK 221 cu EF-40 (F)

34. KK 222 br WASHINGTON, D.C. (emblem)//AIKA proof-60 lt field marks, full brt (E)

35. KK 225.1 MEMBER KKK IN GOOD STANDING AU-50 holed for susp (A)

36. KK 226 bz 1928 ILLINOIS (Klansman on horse) VF-30 edge nicks (E)

37. KK 226 ag-cu (UNL) 1928 ILLINOIS possibly a die trial (E-F)

38. KK 227.2 Michigan restrike yellow bz AU-55 matte finish (C)

39. KK 229 bz 1928 PENNSYLVANIA EF-40 edge bumps, light field marks (D-E

40. KK 302 cu or reddish bz MS-60 30% red (C)

41. KK 302 br or yellow bz MS-60 80% brt (C)

42. KK 303.1 bz & red enamel UKA VIRGINIA MS-65 (C)

43. KK 304 ROBERT M. SHELTON (bust f) IMPERIAL WIZARD 1861//UKA MS-63, one of a small hoard in the collection (A-B)

44. KK 304 UNL pendant, gold-plated in a reeded-edge bezel w/loop attached MS-60 full bright. Likely a presentation piece. (G)

45. KK 305 KKK cut-out MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING AU-50 holed as made (A-B)

46. KK 306 KKK struck MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING AU-55 holed for susp (A-B)

47. KK 308 1961 (SHELTON bust r) 1981//UKA, one of a small hoard in the collection MS-65 (A-B)

48. KK 308 obv lead proof MS-65, believed  unique (G)

49. KK 308 rev lead proof MS-65 believed  unique (G)

50. KK 308 gold plated MS-63 full bright, likely a presentation piece (G-H)

51. KK 309 (UNL) (UKA membership dues token) rev of KK 308//1982 mounted Klansman NON SILBA SED ANTHAR 39mm al MS-65 full bright (C)

52. KK 309 rev lead die trial (mounted klansman) MS-65 believed to be unique (G)

53. KT 201 KLU[sic] KLUX KLUB//GF5IT EF-40 (C-D)

54. KKK-UNL: KKK cstp (not single punch) on rev of HARRY S. TRUMAN PRESIDENTIAL GAME COIN: bust 33rd PRESIDENT U.S.A. etc.//"HARRY" "HE’S FROM MISSOURI" al EF-40. Many stories surround Harry Truman and the Klan. In one version, he attended his first meeting, heard an anti-Pope speech, and demanded his $10 membership fee be returned; in another, he applied for membership but was turned down. (E)

55. KKK-UNL: elongated 1981 cent KKK flag PROUD TO BE 100% AMERICAN BU (A-B)

56. KKK-UNL: elongated 1965 Roosevelt dime KKK flag PROUD TO BE 100% AMERICAN (B) Likely made in 1981.

57. KT 301.1 THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE mounted Klansman//AMERICA FIRST (cross, flag)/KU KLUX KLAN/PRESERVE RACIAL PURITY MS-63 full bright (C)

58. KM 311 CAJUN COINS skull//cross MS-65 (C)

59. KK 2101 ca. 1920 HERO CROSS EF-40

According to Birdsell, this is the "highest award within the Invisible Empire . . . to honor every surviving member from the original Ku Klux Klan of more than half a century past." Inscribed to J.H. French . Rev: AUTHORITY of WILLIAM JOSEPH SIMMONS. Simmons revived the Klan in 1915. Rare, the prize of the collection. (J)

60. KK 2101.1 ca. 1923 HERO CROSS AU-50 Modified to remove data relating to Imperial Wizard Joseph Simmons, rare (I-J)

61. KK 3120 U.K.A. EXALTED CYCLOP’S AWARD OF HONOR, red ribbon is 43mm long MS-60 (E)

62. KK 3120-UNL Non-enameled version, red ribbon is only 23mm long. Very likely a die trial which was modified to increase ribbon length MS-60 (F)

63. KK 3121 U.K.A. TITAN’S AWARD OF HONOR blue ribbon is 35mm MS-63 (F)

64. KK 3121-UNL non-enameled version blue ribbon only 30mm. Another die trial w/too short a ribbon to satisfy its maker MS-63 (G)

65. KK-3122 U.K.A. GRAND DRAGON’S AWARD OF HONOR, green ribbon 47mm long MS-65 (F)

66. KK 3122-UNL non-enameled version. You guessed it! Ribbon is only 41mm (G)

67. KK 3000 ca. 1978 KKK sprinner: camellia on holder. Designed for Federated Knights of the KKK EF w/slight loss of enamel (D)

68. KK 3000 ca. 1978 KKK spinner AU-55 (E)

69. Enameled lapel pins—4 diff: UKA/1961 (symbol) ; UKA symbol ; KKK to form a triangle ; KKK to form a triangle w/different backing; EF-AU, 1 w/screw cap missing (F)

70. Pendant made from KK 205 br in bezel, loop broken off (D)

71. Old br money clip: hooded Klansman w/ large flag, burning cross, small cross, & open bible// witch on broomstick, sc. Daniel Low & Co./Salem Mass/witch 52x25mm EF (G)

72. Money clip: UNITED KLANS OF AMERICA/NATIONAL OFFICE/P.O. BOX 2369/TUSCALOOSA, AL 35401//mounted Klansman 54x25mm al VF-30 (C)

73. UKA pewter belt buckle: UNITED KLANS OF AMERICA (mounted klansman, cross w/AKIA, U.K.A. insignia)//U.K.A. KKKK, INC./1961 "002" scratched in /ROBERT M. SHELTON/IMPERIAL WIZARD/DESIGNED BY REALM OF FLORIDA/JOHN PAUL ROBERTS/GRAND DRAGON 59x84mm oval MS-60 (G)

74. KKKK pin: cutout of mounted Klansman 14x25mm MS-60 (D)

75. KKK/Barlow Colonial Prov.USA pocket knife: 84mm 2-blades w/ivory or ivory-colored plastic handle: LOYAL ORDER OF KKK//standing hooded Klansman EF w/some rust spots on blades (F)

76. UKA robe patch: 100mm (4") in red, black & white, new condition (E)

77. D.E. Birdsell paperback book: Ku Klux Klan Tokens 1981 2nd ed., mint condition (E)

78. Second collection: Like many advanced collectors, Mr. Kidd sought two of each item so that he could display the obverse and reverse at the same time in a flat display case. A bid on this lot is a bid for the entire second collection. We have tried to put the best version of each item in the main collection; however, many second collection items are close in quality. Rules for bidding are the same as for lot #1. Bids using either/or wording are allowed, but they must be clearly worded. Either/or bids will not be reduced. If you bid on this lot, you are bidding on lots #79-107. Estimate: $1,500+

79. KK 104 EF-40 toned (A)

80. KK 201 MS-63 (D)

81. KK 203.3 cu ANTHOR ERROR VF-30 (C)

82. KK 204 EF-40 very lt residues (D-E)

83. KK 205 cu EF-40 residues (C-D)

84. KK 205.1 al AU-50 very lt oxid spots (D)

85. KK 205.1 cu AU-50 light residues (E)

86. KK 208 bz EF-40 buffed. "W" "M" neatly scratched on cross (C-D)

87. KK 210 ni alloy MS-65 full bright (C-D)

88. KK 210 bz or cu MS-65 R&B (C-D)

89. KK 210 cu VF-30 toned (B-C)

90. KK 211.1 br AU-50 (D-E) 

91. KK 214.1 ni alloy E.W.J.S. AU-50 (D-E) 

92. KK 214.5 (UNL) no E.W.J.S., "CONSTITUTION" between "O" and "U" of COUNTRY EF-45 (D-E) 

93.KK 302 al AU-50 tiny oxidation spot (F) 

94. KK 302 ni AU-50 few specks, luster (F)

95. KK 222 br EF-45 lt residues 10% brt (E)

96. KK 227.2 yellow bz restrike AU-50 (B-C)

97. KK 303.1 bz & red enamel MS-60 faint stain (B-C) 

98. KK 304 MS-60 toned (A-B) 

99. KK 305 cut-out KKK EF-45 holed as made (A-B) 

100. KK 305 EF-40 bent, cstp on rev EV/A (B) 

101. KK 306 struck KKK AU-50 rev stain, holed as made, luster (A-B)   

102. KK 308 MS-65 (A-B)

103. KK 309 (UNL) 1982 MEMBERSHIP TOKEN (see lot #51 description) MS-65 bright (C) 

104. KT 201 KLU KLUX KLUB AU-50 lt oxid (C) 

105. KM 301.1 MS-63 start of die break between "E" & "R" of AMERICA (C) 

106. KM 311 1971 CAJUN COINS skull/cross MS-63 (C)

107. D.E. Birdsell paperback book: Ku Klux Klan Tokens 1981 2nd ed.  No cover, but Xerox copy of inside back cover price list included (D) 


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